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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is AVION Contact Solutions Center?

AVION is the brand being carried by AVION BPO Corporation, a duly registered corporation in the Philippines.

It was formed in 2006 by Filipinos who came from the BPO industry. The management team is formed by young, dynamic but experienced individuals. After just a few years of operation, AVION has expanded its core competency to be at par with the leaders in the industry.

Our corporate headquarter is based in Laog City, Ilocos Norte, a beautiful place north of Manila, Philippines.


2. Why AVION?

AVION is a small dynamic business that is adaptable to change as opportunities arise. This makes the company very flexible
when dealing with clients. We treat our clients’ processes as if they were our own.


3. Why Ilocos Norte?

It is now a given that the Philippines is one of the world’s best offshoring nation. Most of the these outsourcing companies are based in Manila, Cebu and Davao but Laoag City and Ilocos Norte’s BPO potential has been untapped. With a full service international airport with flights daily to Manila, it is a very attractive destination for clients.

If you bring your business to us, you will be considered as a part of Avion. You could visit our place, and we will treat you as an “investourist” – investor and a tourist – mixing business with pleasure.


4. Why outsource?

You must outsource to take advantage of the cost-benefit it provides. Outsourcing to companies like Avion can give you access to cost-effective services.

By outsourcing, you can get expert and skilled services. This benefit has been the key reason why several companies opt for outsourcing. The function that you  outsource may not be your core competency but you can find a partner like Avion who specializes in that particular business process.


5. What about the price? Is it expensive?

Avion provides you with the best service at a fraction of your cost when you do your process in-house. Avion also provides the same value compared to the other outsourcing companies at a lower price. That’s the reason why you can’t go wrong with Avion.  Great value for your money!


6. How can I be assured that I will get good value and I can grow my business when I hire Avion?

Avion has been in the business for 5 years now. You are dealing with professionals who are highly trained to do your processes. At Avion, we treat our clients’ business as if it is our own.


6. How can I contact Avion?

Just fill out the form on the “Get a Quote” page and we will get back to you shortly. We will contact you at your most convenient time.