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Virtual Assistance

Avion’s Virtual Assistants are not just  fluent in English; and through their immersion in Western culture, they are generally easy to relate to and a joy to work with. They are also service-oriented and are very friendly.

Here in Avion,  your personal assistants has obtained their college degrees and has the additional skills or experience needed to work with you effectively. They will follow your working schedule even if that means working night shift. It may seem like a far-fetched idea but hiring a Virtual Assistant in Avion can really help free up your time, enabling you to focus on more important tasks. If a local secretary or assistant is too expensive; then you may want to consider getting your own Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant Projects that we’ve had or are currently running:

  1. Dental Offices
  2. CRM Providers
  3. SEM Company
  4. Law Offices
  5. Holiday Companies
  6. Travel Agencies
  7. IT Companies

What is virtual assistance?

Virtual assistance is an administrative profession where the professional provides administrative and personal support to their clients through fax, phone, and e-mail without even entering into the office of the respective clients. Virtual assistance is not just a person sitting at a home or office, it is something different. Basically virtual assistance is not just a service which can be done from distance for clients but it is rather a service which is performed administratively at large scale and scope with the desire to support the clients all over the board and to support not for just only one function or specific task but also for endless which may come in the future.

If you look at your average working day, and then break down all those tasks between something that will need your personal attention and things that could potentially be done by someone else, you will probably realize that you are wasting a lot of your precious time. Simple things like  sending emails, managing your calendar, or little research assignments can all be done by someone else and even someone who is thousands of miles away from where you are. Maybe it’s time you consider getting yourself a personal or a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is of great help for a businessman who spends hour after hour in order to devote the precious time for most of the thing which is not necessary and unable to spend time for the bottom line of the company or the business which can bring success for the business. A dedicated service by a virtual assistant can give your business more success which in turn can reduce the work pressure as well as avoid from all sorts of tensions in your business. You can have both the part time and full time dedicated virtual assistants who can deliver their skills and knowledge to make you reach your business reach the highest level of success. A full time virtual assistant will give you support as well as assistants in your work.