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Online Gaming Support

Avion has expert gamers with in-game experience to provide 24/7 in-game technical support. Our online support agents can be game-masters, online chat and ticketing support agents  at the same time.

We are currently handling the Online Support for a very popular MMORPG. We are handling around 50 servers for our current client.

Why Outsource your Online Gaming Support?

Gaming companies always has the following issues:

  1. Do you lack the manpower and resources to make your customers happy and satisfied?
  2. Does caring for your customers gobble all your time and hinder your growth?
  3. Does it cost a lot of money to manage your customer support?

The answer to these questions? AVION!

Don’t waste time and money, let AVION handle your customer support and in-game activities!

AVION renders outsourcing services of professional gamers that are specially trained for your game service/product. In addition to that, the Philippines is one rich source of great Game Masters. You cannot play an online game without encountering Filipino game masters.

 We can provide complete customer care services by phone or on the Internet according to your requirements. Hire us and grow your business!