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Data Entry

Avion has years of experience in providing data entry services to a wide range of organizations.

In 2007, we started off with a team that created profiles for a social networking site. After that, we have been doing data entry jobs for different companies.

Our most recent project is the correction and reinsertion of data for a cloud based CRM company. We also have a deal with a start-up card processing company.

Data Entry Facts

Data entry is a broad process and can entail a lot of different things. In most cases, it means that an employee takes data stored in a certain medium (hard copy, scanned document, etc) and inserts these into an electronic system through a data entry interface. The original content can come from any source: it could be available on paper, as scanned documents, available online or stored in picture, audio or video files. In its simplest form, data entry just means copy-pasting data from the source to the destination system. It gets more complicated if the data have to be researched, identified or need interpretation or the application of business rules before these are entered into a system. Most companies have processes that entail some degree of data entry either as part of their core production processes or as part of their overhead and administration.

 What Kinds of Data Are Transcribed with Data Entry?

Some different kinds of data that people might transcribe are handwritten documents in a doctor’s office, spreadsheet info, long sequences of patternless numbers that go toward building a computer program, or the simplest of data like names and addresses for an accounting firm. You may find yourself working a job that is almost exclusively data entry, while others fields that require data entry skills could spend most of their time away from the keyboard — it depends on the job.